David Stragmeister - TAL NATHAN
David Stragmeister

International feature films, documentaries, and television POV. Graduated at the AFI in Los Angeles majoring in Photography and cinema and won a scholarship for excellence. Immediately after college, he integrated into the film industry in the US and quickly worked his way up to becoming a sought after DOP. His films participated in prestigious festivals, such as the Venice Films Festival, and Los Angeles Festival among others.  David took part in a variety of projects such as Hollywood productions starring Nicolas Cage through local productions such as “Mother angel’s”, to name a few. His style is inspired by various fields of art like painting, sculpture, and literature, and it generates an original and rich visual worlds. He considers each project as an opportunity to go on a journey of exploration and creativity in order to create new and unique reality to each project. He specializes in creating a touching and meaningful story and is known for seeing not only the small details, but knowing what the bigger picture is, the one that gradually develops the composition to weave between all the frames together to form a cinematic and holistic story. David is currently working in Israel and the United States in a variety of projects, documentaries, television series, commercials, and Music Videos.
David’s website: www.dux2.com

XL \ Mench

Samsung \ Leo Burnett Israel

Azrieli \ Leo Burnett Israel


Bezavta \ McCann Tel-Aviv


We Shoes \ Citymedia


Schweppes Energy \ Adler Chomski Group

Hyundai 25 Birthday \ No,No,No,No,No,Yes

Moldova Postcard Eurovision 2019

Shlomo Group \ Og Group

Altman Cetilar \ Mench


Suger Daddy \ Nadav Zelner


Bamba \ McCann Tel-Aviv

Reva Lesheva \ Mench

Assuta \ TBWA


"Gravity" \ Richard Orlinski, Anna Zak & Fat Joe

Pepper \ McCann Tel-Aviv

Talk Space \ Michael Phelps

Gushpanka \ Nadav Zelner

SAGA - VOX MONETÆ (The Voice of Money)

Oren Lavie music video \ Did you really say no

Criminal Official Trailer \ “Remember”

ORIENTED \ Official Trailer

Efrat Ben Zur \ One Fainting Robin

Mother angel’s \ YES