Adiya Imri Orr - TAL NATHAN
Adiya Imri Orr

Adiya is a commercials and films screenwriter and a director. Her love for the silver screen combined with her rare ability to explore innovative new places has won her the first price at The Tribeca Film Festival for her short drama “Stitches”. Right after graduating from Tel Aviv University, she started directing outstanding campaigns and films, working aside the largest agencies. As part of her understanding the beating heart of the new media, Adiya directed the well known campaign for “Norofen”, a pain reliever, which hit millions of views over the net and gained huge media attention. Adiya is known for her comic abilities and it is within her power to tell a story like no one else. Adiya  also won the prestigious “Perlov” foundation for her documentary. And she continues to produce inspiring work with leading brands and agencies.

Nurofen \ Inbar Merhav G