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Amiel Kestenbaum

Amiel is a London-born director, screenwriter & editor versed in documentary cinema, scripted content, commercials & music videos. A diverse film-maker, enthralled by new challenges, Amiel brings a unique visual aesthetic combined with character-driven narratives. His music video for Rami Fortis featured in over twenty film festivals and earned him a British Arts Council Award. A director with a meticulous eye for art-direction, Amiel brings unique hand-crafted worlds to life both in live-action sets and animation. Working widely with illustrators, animators, painters, sculptors, and designers, Amiel constantly looks for opportunities to merge the art of film-making with the plastic arts. Widely experienced as a director in post-production, Amiel has managed complicated International productions that range from stop-motion to Cinema 4D. His editing work for U2 was nominated for a UKMVA, and his work in the short film “The Director” ensured the film gained a cinematic release. Amiel’s interest in the arts echoes in his documentary work, whereupon he is currently developing a feature-length biopic on the Israeli feminist artist “Pamela Levy”, whilst he is also currently developing a comedy sit-com for TV Broadcast.
As a creative director, Amiel has represented clients such as Pepsi Max, Chivas Regal, ToysRus, Sony Music, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, NICE, SAP, Radcom, Shanti House, Basse Broye.
Bringing original creative tailored to a wide range of clients, Amiel merges visual creativity with robust storytelling to cement a unique and memorable brand expert.

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