Ayelet Menahemi - TAL NATHAN
Ayelet Menahemi

Mature, moving, masterful; Ayelet Menahemi is seasoned movie director with 25 years of experience marked by awards (Golden Spire at the San Francisco International Festival for “It’s about time”), emotional realism (“Noodle”, Special Grand Prize of the Jury at the Montréal World Film Festival), and pomp (The sweeping national launch campaign for Orange Communication).
Classically trained and intuitively oriented, Ayelet manages to capture the human element in every script and bring it to life with heartfelt performances set against manicured backdrops. Every commercial she touches becomes a cinematic experience combining drama and comedy, and weaving the intimately close with the globally relevant.
Ayelet is a true connoisseur of fine cinema as is evident in her consistently poignant body of work.

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