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Ben Bachar


Ben Bachar is one of Israel’s top filmmaking talents – a distinct creative voice with a wide range of experience, from feature films to commercials, from mockumentaries to music videos, and everything in between.
Ben is a director in full command of his vision and style, but he also has the expertise to back it up. He began his career as an editor and screenwriter and quickly developed a visual language that easily transitioned to directing, starting with advertisements and promos before moving into his true passion – cinematic narrative storytelling.
Ben’s feature credits include the hit films, “The Last Band in Lebanon” and his latest endeavor, “Saving Shuli” (2021). Shot in Colombia and Tel Aviv, “Saving Shuli” was an instant comedic smash, bringing millions of viewers to the theaters and quickly cementing itself in history as the fourth most-watched Israeli film of all time.
Ben’s TV resumé is one of the most impressive in Israel. Throughout his six seasons as a director at “A Wonderful Country” (Israel’s “SNL”), Ben helped create some of the most popular and memorable sketches of the last decade. He’s also earned global recognition for his inventive work on major TV comedies and dramas, including co-productions in Thailand and Brazil to name a few, such as “Malabi Express” and “The Israelis.”
Ben’s commercial direction speaks for itself. You can see he’s not only someone with a flair for comedic performance but someone with undeniable taste. That combination has created unforgettable ads for many leading brands and agencies from all over the world.
Ben is a director in the truest sense. A passionate craftsman and a visionary. His dedication, style, and specialization in the direction of actors create works that are beyond exceptional and totally original. When it comes to telling a great story in the most compelling way possible, there is no challenge Ben won’t take on.


Prigat \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi


Prigat \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

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Prigat \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi