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Benji Cohen

A well known and experienced DOP, Benji shoots commercials, feature films and documentaries. Benji is a graduate from “Camera Obscura” and the “School of Visual Arts” in New York. Right after graduating, he jumped into the film industry and became a busy DOP, shooting and working with all of the leading brands, such as: Fiat, Toyota, Visa, Sprite, American Express and the list goes on and on. His experience and unique understanding of production have led him to work on films, which have earned many awards. Beside his ability to solve any problem and to provide creative solutions, Benji works with perfect sync with the director, creating the perfect set.

Klick \ Great

Beanz Cafe \ Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi&Saatchi

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Slotomania Golden Album

McDonald’s \ TBWAיהושע

Shufersal \ Brickman Advertising

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