Dafi Farbman - TAL NATHAN
Dafi Farbman

Dafi has graduated film school  at Tel Aviv University and quickly started editing commercials, films, documentaries, music videos and promos, while working with leading directors and for major brands.
Dafi is known for her incredible ability to comprehend the way things need to be seen, while using her amazing editing skills, bringing her magic touch to each and every story she is out to tell.
Her innovative and versatile vision has won her a recognition in many projects and festivals, among them “The Berlinale Festival”, where a film she edited, “Inertia”  was nominated and screened. Dafi is currently  working on feature films short films and commercials, where she puts her unique view and remarkable cinematic sense in every project.

Beanz Cafe \ Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi&Saatchi

Shtrauss Ravioli \ Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi&Saatchi

Apple \ McCANN Tel Aviv

SodaStream Love Is Love

Turkish Coffee \ BBR Saatchi&Saatchi

Belarus Postcard Eurovision 2019

Shlomo Group \ Og Group

Hashachar Ha’ole \ Inbar Merhav G

Kobi Marimi - Home | Israel Eurovision Music Video 2019

Profession For Life \ Lapam

Volkswagen \ Avraham ADV

Lily \ McCann Tel-Aviv

Gushpanka \ Nadav Zelner

Let's Dance \ Avihu Pinhasov

Temi \ Firma Creative Production

Stop the hate \ Lapam


Oren Lavie music video \ Did you really say no

Gefen Tower \ Parazar

Age of Beard \ Wix

Confess Trailer

HOT \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Mazda \ Bauman Bar Rivnai

Diet Yoplait \ McCANN

Cellcom TV

Tadiran \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Isracard \ Baumann Ber Rivnay

Sweet Inn \ Publicis

Of Tov \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Festival Promo

Grandmother's Cooking \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Bloomberg \ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki

Krembo \ Leo Burnett

AIG \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Tache Diamonds