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Eitan Sarid

As a director, DOP and editor, Eitan is guided by esthetics and fashion when working on music videos, commercials or films. To his formal education (film studies at Tel Aviv University, major in directing and prodcution) Eitan adds his unique talent in creating breathtaking visual worlds. He stands behind viral hits that earned hundreds of thousands of views and enchanted the critics, like the commercial he directed for Online fashion- STORY Eitan’s frames are precise and powerful, spinning unforgettable stories that do without words. He has created commecials for leading brands like Volkswagen, Adidas, Waves, Golf Fasion, Sarona, FILA, Strauss, to name but a few. Eitan also made himself a name in the TV world, having directed and shot the intro for the series OBOY for the Israeli Children’s Channel, and studio directed “24 Hours” for Channel 8 and Keshet TV. He also directed and shot short films that were presented at international film festivals. A creator, director and editor all in one, Eitan is deeply involved with his projects from the early creative stages all the way through to the last finishing touches in the editing room, deligthing his audience with stunningly creative and thorougly crafted pieces.

Eithan’s Website: https://eitansarid.myportfolio.com/projects

Volkswagen Road Clip \ The Box

Volkswagen Road Clip Coming Soon \ The Box