Gili Azgad - TAL NATHAN
Gili Azgad

With a background in art and photography, Gili brings a powerful and striking aesthetic to each and every project he directs: music video, commercial, or otherwise.

Gili began his professional career as a ski photographer for SkiDeal throughout Europe and the US. He quickly became the company’s director, producing and filming a series of advertisements at ski resorts around the globe with various Israeli celebrities including Natalie Dadon, Oshri Cohen, Idan Alterman, Anna Aharonov, and more.
When he returned to Israel, Gili quickly established himself as an industry executive, directing and photographing advertisements for leading brands such as Ikea, Osem, Seat, Renoir, Cellcom, Playtika, and others. In addition, Gili writes and directs music videos for a long list of artists.

Gili is a creator who understands all stages of production, seeing each project through from the initial concept to the very last touch in the editing room. It’s this wide range of experience coupled with his creative swagger that sets him apart.

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