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Guy Bolandi

Guy Bolandi is a director who has been redefining what is visually imaginable for years now. His ingenuity and inventiveness has not only raised the bar in his hometown of Tel Aviv, but gained him international recognition around the globe as well. In addition to being the first creative director for the Viacom channels in Tel Aviv, Guy’s client list includes Coca-Cola, Fiverr, Wix and Vivo just to name a few. His sought-after fashion work has also been shown on trend-setting sites such as Noisey, Dazed, and Hypetrak.

Guy is always exploring, always learning and always searching for new and innovative ways to bring his visions, and the concepts of his clients, to life in the most interesting ways possible. He holds himself to the highest standards and the proof is in the work – a varied collection of stunning productions in the high-end worlds of advertising, music, fashion and everything in between. What he does next is anyone’s guess, but you can bet it will be surprising and memorable.

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