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Jenny Danilenko

Jenny’s love for story telling found its first impression when she was a girl living in Kiev, Ukraine, and wrote countless tales and stories. A few years later, the fairy tale-loving girl grew into a teenager who restlessly wrote investigation pieces and other articles. For a decade, Jenny worked as a journalist, approaching a broad range of topics. She was awarded the  ‘Article of the Year’ prize while still completing her B.A. in Communications and Publishing at the Taras University in Kiev.

Five years ago, Jenny traded her pen and keyboard for Premier and Avid, to tell visual stories. Working as a director and editor for the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation and getting her M.A., Jenny has edited promos and commercials, features and documentary films. Whether working on a short commercial or a full-length feature film – Jenny knows that the secret behind every project is to tell a good story; a story that captures the audience from the first moment on and stirs emotions until the very last one.

The skills Jenny acquired in a sound & cinema course turn each of her projects into a holistic experience, a feast for all the senses. Jenny speaks many languages and edits projects in English, Hebrew, Russian, German and Ukranian.

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