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Liran Segal

Liran is a director specializing in the creation of unique visual concepts for commercials, music videos, and short film content.

Liran began his career in the industry by studying acting at the Yoram Levinstein School. After touring across the country as a performer, Liran enrolled in the Film and Television Department at Tel Aviv University and discovered his true love – directing.

As part of his studies, he created a pilot for a sketch show that was immediately put into rotation on the Beep comedy channel. On the heels of that success, Liran subsequently directed various episodes of comedy sketches for Reshet, Channel 10, and Channel 24.

Alongside his work as a comedy director, Liran also began honing his visual skills as a music video director and has since become one of the most sought-after in the business, working with popular artists such as Eden Ben Zaken, Subliminal, Lior Narkis, Noa Kirel and many more.

Liran’s commercial work combines his visual talents with his expertise in directing actors to create advertisements that are eye-catching and memorable. His client list includes Tnuva, XL,  Honigman, Astral Hotels, Tim Tam, Mitsubishi, Gindi, Microsoft, and more. In addition, Liran has developed and directed a handful of campaigns for nonprofits such as NMR, the Youth Diabetes Association, and others.

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