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Miki Turgeman

Miki Turgeman provides strategic and operational solutions for brands, advertising agencies and publishers. He develops advertising campaigns and offers a wide variety of creative services: branding, art direction, graphic design, editorial content, video and digital content.
He believes in The Chemistry of Collaboration, talented people, disruptive vision, and creative technology. His working methodology is like Haute couture. Every detail in the suit of collaboration, picking the best creative talents from: strategic planners, copywriters, artists, photographers, stylists, set designers, graphic designers, film directors, producers, and many more… Till he gets the perfect balance to create the best team to crack the specific brand needs.
Miki Turgeman has worked with a prestigious roster of clientele including: Adidas, Adore Cosmetics, BeautiFeel, celio*, Blanx, Emporio Armani, Fila, Gottex, Kristals Cosmetics, L’Oréal, LK Jewellery, Michal Negrin, MILUCCA, MJ Jeans, Noizz, Philips, PUPA MILANO, Reebok, Shan Rahimkhan, Toyota, Trucco bellezza, Wella, and many others.



Dancing With The Stars \ Keshet

Mania Jeans

Aviv Alush \ Lev Patuah

Urnbanica \ Miki Turgeman

Urbanica \ Miki Turgeman

Urbanica \ Miki Turgeman



Castro Kids


Aviv Alush \ Yesh Yamim

BLU \ Yara ADV

Urbanica \ Miki Turgeman

Hoodies \ Miki Turgeman

Castro Kids

Castro Kids

Castro Men & Women

Sis \ Miki Turgeman

Hoodies \ Miki Turgeman

Laline \ Miki Turgeman

Urbanika \ Miki Turgeman

Hoodies \ Miki Turgeman

NOIZZ \ Turgeman

Hoodies \ Miki Turgeman

MJ \ Miki Turgeman

Pupa \ Miki Turgeman

Femina \ Miki Turgeman

Pupa \ Miki Turgeman

Cyber MJ \ Miki Turgeman




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