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Misha Kaminsky

Misha is a Director of Photography working on music videos, commercials, short narrative films, and art projects. He has a strong orientation for visual aesthetics, fashion and art which led him to start his career as an assistant for one of the leading fashion photographers in Israel. His unique ability to produce memorable frames brought him on to developing video projects, allowing him to create a variety of special works, in which his inspiration from the worlds of art, cinema, choreography, as well as his commitment to certain aesthetic principles, can be traced. Being a graduate of Steve Tish Film and Television School of Tel-Aviv University, Misha acquired knowledge and experience in all spheres of filmmaking, such as directing, editing and production. This allows him to view each project as a whole creative process, understanding its needs besides his direct responsibilities as a Director of Photography. Misha has shot a great number of well- known and loved music videos for leading Israeli performers such as Static & Ben El Tavori, Sarit Hahad, Ivri Lider, Eliad, Cafe Shahor Hazak and so on. Besides that, his portfolio contains commercials and TV promos for major brands such as: Keshet TV, Reshet TV, Hapoalim Bank, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Leumi Max, HOT, HOT Mobile, Siat, Clal Insurance, Google Israel, Microsoft, Monday, Castro Fashion, Renuar, Lee Cooper, Golf, Urbanica, Tamnoon, Milucca, Shiseido, Jade, Waso, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, Azrieli Malls, Ofer Malls, AM:PM, Bitan Wines, ACE,  Soda Stream, Coca-Cola, Goldstar, Elite Turkish Coffee, Aroma, Strauss, Prigat, Primor, Priniv, Dalton, Tefal, Amcor, Durex, Huggies, Clalit Health Services, Maccabi Health Services, LAPAM and more. The short narrative films he shot were selected and won prizes at various international film festivals around the world. In addition to all of the above, Misha works on personal artistic projects in Israel and Ukraine, the country of his birth.

Misha’s website: mishakaminsky.com


Wissotzky \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Roche \ Mench



Eva \ Miri Mesika

WE \ Static, Ben El & Miri Mesika

Kesher Karka \ Shahar Saul

Block \ Anna Zak

AMPM \ Great

Im ata gever \ Noa Kirel

Ofer malls \ TBWA

Durex \ Inbar Merhav G

IMALE \ Static & Ben El Tavori



Leumi MAX \ McCann Tel-Aviv

Further Up \ Static & Ben El, Pitbull


Noa Kirel \ Pouch

Stop cancer \ Udini Films

Anna Zak \ Call it out

Denmark Postcard Eurovision 2019

Who's looking for me? \ Official pride video 2019

AllJobs \ Hooligans

Peres Academic Center \ Gitam BBDO

Primor \ TBWA

Ace \ TBWA

Nathan Goshen \ Mitgaagaat

Ganim & Shoshanim \ Zarmon Group


Jonathan Mergui \ This Couple

Head & Shoulders

Mizrahi Bank

Yassou \ Static & Ben El Tavori, Eden Ben Zaken and Stephane Legar

Nathan Goshen \ I Came To Dream

Urbanica Sport \ Studio Insight

Urbanica \ Studio Insight

Golf Kids \ Adler Chomski Group

Golf \ Adler Chomski Group

Ha'Neshef \ Ivri Lider

Ania Bukstein \ Siman

Static and Ben El \ Broke Ass Millionaire

Static and Ben El \ Gumigam

Hora \ Batsheva

Eliad Nahum \ Heavens

Static and Ben El \ Kawaii

My Princess \ Ivri Lider

Bang Bang \ Anna Zak


Idan Laros

Ivri Lider \ Moogzam

Static and Ben El \ Namaste

Static and Ben El \ Hakol Le Tova


Arie Kishon \ Pine


Human Stains

Lee Cooper


Eliad Nahum \ Traveling