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Moshe Rosenthal

Moshe was born in Tel Aviv on 1985, at the age of 22 he directed his first full length independent film, “Rufus”.  After Winning the best film prize on the Heart of England film festival, Rufus was Distributed by United King films. At 2008 Moshe started his studies at the Tel-Aviv University Film & TV Dept. During that time he wrote and directed short films and music videos for emerging new music artists. In 2014 he began working on, the innovative web series “Confess” which became a hit shortly after it was released and gained lots of interest from the press and media. In 2016 he won the best director award at the Jerusalem film festival for his short film “Shabaton” (Leave of Absence). Currently, he is directing TV and Web commercial for leading brands and agencies and working on a feature film called “The project”, and “Confess” second season.
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