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Naor Suki

Suki is a director, editor and insightful creator with a wide artistic range and a deep connection to visual aesthetics. His talent to create images and scenes that compel us to watch is reflected time and time again in his varied works ranging from music videos to promos and commercials.

Fascinated with the visual world around him, Suki is self-taught, acquiring his knowledge and experience by doing it himself – photography, design, editing and even branching into visual effects. He began his career as a UI designer and art director and has worked with a variety of high-tech and media companies in Israel and around the world, including Cellcom, YES, Wix, Tvinci and more.

Despite his years of experience in a variety of artistic fields, Suki is always striving to explore and discover new ways to express himself and the views of his clients in the most captivating ways possible. His short musical hip-hop opera, “The Rise and Fall of Shem Tov Avi,” was a huge success for Kan 11 and is a perfect example of how Suki can push the boundaries of what’s expected while bringing in an audience of millions.

In addition to his commercial and music video work, Suki is in the process of writing a new dramatic series.

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