Ofer Ben Yehuda - TAL NATHAN
Ofer Ben Yehuda

Ofer is a feature film and commercials DOP who is an artist in mastering aesthetic and powerful images. He started as a gaffer, so for him, everything begins with light and from there to framing, movement, and colors. Few years into being a gaffer, he decided to attend film school which later led him to become a DOP. His deep love for aesthetics can be seen in each meticulous frame, which is filled with colors and movement to deliver a story even without using words. He is known for his unique talent for food shooting and for his rare talent to deliver the viewers the sensual food experience through ravishing inspirational frames. Today Ofer shoots with all the major Advertising Agencies and is shooting films, commercials, promos and music videos to all the leading brands, such as Wissotzky, Gad Dairies, Angel Bakery, Elite and much more.

Bituach Leumi \ LAPAM

Kinder \ TBWA

Tirat Zvi \ Blink

Sabon \ Pigment

Harel Skaat X Noroz \ Balagan

Showreel 2022

Exchange \ Brave

Meshek Tzuriel \ Publicis

Elite Capsules \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Vegan Friendly


Symphonia \ Leo Burnett

Estrella \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

AIWAYS \ We Are New

Cellebritr \ McCANN Tech


Roladin \ New

Splendid \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Hava Zingboim \ IPG

Lighting IL \ Avraham

MH Whisky




Pesek Zman \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Kinder \ TBWA

Laline \ Miki Turgeman

Shufersal \ Gitam BBDO

ONYX- Dir. Cut \ Olive Media

Sugat \ TBWA


Bubbly \ Soda Stream

Fitness \ McCANN

Alpro Barista \ Debby&Ron

KB Pure \ Blumenkrantz

Pesek Zman

Sano Fresh \ D-Say

Alpro \ Debby&Ron

Vegan Friendly \ DIBOOR


Tornado \ McCANN

Fitness \ McCANN

Tornado \ McCANN



Samsung Race \ Leo Burnett Israel


Knorr \ McCann

NISSAN \ WhyWorry

Moses Art \ The Box


ROLADIN \ M&C Saatchi Tel-Aviv

Goldstar \ Mench

Simphonia \ Leo Burnett


Osem \ Gitam BBDO

WE SURE \ Zarmon Group

Sauter \ Cracker TLV

Cos // Ohad Benit

Fuzetea \ Glickman Shamir Samsonov


Strauss Group \ Debby&Ron


Tasters Choice \ Glickman Shamir Samsonov

Tami 4 \ Blink

My Mother \ Noa Kirel "Shem-Olam 2019""


Etzmaleh \ Leo Burnett

Lipton \ Great

Tivall \ Gitam BBDO

Newpan Magimix \ Glickman Shamir Samsonov

Newpan KitchenAid \ Glickman Shamir Samsonov

Newpan Magimix \ Glickman Shamir Samsonov



Shufersal \ Adler Chomski Group

Splendid Desserts \ BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Of Tov Dak \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Rummo \ Bruckner Yaar Levi

Etz Hazait \ Brukner, Yaar, Levi

Ski Desserts

Constructa \ Brickman

Zeta \ Reuveni Pridan IPG

Azorim \ Blanco


Lumior by AHAVA \ DOP TABLE TOP Video

TimTam \ Push Up Media


Elite Petiber \ Mench