Ori Noam

Ori has been making films for the past 10 years. From producing to filming he has done it all, but his true passion if for writing and directing. He has worked on award winning campaigns, short films, documentaries, music videos corporate films and TV shows.  After  graduation  Tel Aviv University film & TV dept., serving 3 years in the air-force-films-unit  SHAHAD, and 3 years in Tel Aviv high-school-of-arts  , Ori specializes in providing an intense look and feel, based on a concept which serves the story-line and the theme of the project to its best. He believes that the process of creating the concept is highly significant and always strives to be part of that process, in which the client and agency are establishing the form of the project, based on a constant dialogue between all parties. Ori’s love for cinematic scenes and stories sees him directing actors with unique point of view while bringing out the best results.

Ori Noam’s website: www.ori-noam.com

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