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Rona Segal

Rona puts her creative talent into screenwriting and the directing of feature films, TV series, and commercials. Rona’s work stands out through a unique combination of social sensitivity and visual aesthetics. She captures her audience with accurate stories, yet without compromising on meticulous cinematic expression. Rona’s film “Six Times” which she created and wrote, earned her domestic and international recognition. Winning several prizes, the film sparked a wide public debate in Israel. Rona also wrote the TV series “The Battle” and “Agree” and directed “The Children of the Tree House,” a musical series for children. While constantly developing new and exciting projects, Rona also directs commercials, series and short films for public and private organizations. Her portfolio includes the summer campaign for clothing retailer Story that broke viewing records, the ‘Clean Beach’ campaign for Israel’s Government Advertisement Agency, an electoral campaign for Meretz, the documentary series ‘For Israel’, a campaign for the Jerusalem Festival and many more. Rona’s experience both as a creator and a director provides her with a comprehensive perspective on the needs of each project and let her create effective campaigns that generate a contemporary debate.

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