Shiri Shahar - TAL NATHAN
Shiri Shahar

Shiri is an internationally recognized commercial and music video director with a strong visual aesthetic rooted in her passion for style, art, fashion and design. Since graduating from the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, Shiri has created a visual language that perfectly complements her style with unique camera movements, stunning special effects and a sophisticated eye for color and composition. Her commercial work has attracted numerous clients such as: Renoir, Castro, Golf, Azrieli, Erroca, Carolina Lemke, Lynn and more. When it comes to working with musicians, Shiri is in a class all her own. Her impeccable taste consistently elevates her collaborators, whether they be established artists or undiscovered talents. Through her distinct music video direction, or via the soundtrack to an advertisement, Shiri can make you see and hear something completely differently. She can bring the unorthodox to the mainstream. She can take the unfamiliar and make it popular. Shiri’s passion for filmmaking also includes her love of the documentary as a storytelling vehicle. She approaches every project with the curiosity and openness needed to explore each multi-layered subject and, by doing so, creates spectacular new worlds that not only capture the hearts of all those involved, but of the audience as well. Her most prominent films include: “From Russia With Love” (Channel 8), “This Man Is Me” (Reshet), and “The History of Israeli Stand-Up” (streaming soon).
In whichever medium Shiri is working, you will find beauty, drama and an inventiveness that surprises and arrests our attention, taking us through an emotional experience that can’t be forgotten.

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