Theo Dolev & Akim Dolinsky - TAL NATHAN
Theo Dolev & Akim Dolinsky

Theo and Akim are a directing duo whose collective vision is utterly original and sought after throughout the industry.

Together, they’ve built a creative studio called, Frankendo, through which they generate and produce all of their work.
Their bond is their strength, and they draw visual inspiration from their varied backgrounds to make unusual and memorable works that fuse Japanese and Korean aesthetics with a Western feel.
Theo and Akim have been working together for years now, creating visually captivating music videos, animated films, and commercials for clients and artists such as FIX, Cohen, Dror & Lior, and Tom Aharon. This dynamic duo leaves an indelible mark, whether with a viral video campaign, a fashion advert, or an animated satirical short. When you see a Theo and Akim project, you know it.


Theo & Akim’s website:

Knesset Kombat

Yuki & The Bath Order Knights


Land Of The Sinking Sun