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Yuval Nobleman

Commercials, Music Videos and promos director and scriptwriter with expertise in humorous viral videos. Early as in high school he started flirting with two parallel worlds: directing and acting. Years later, instead of giving up on one of them, Yuval combined the two and distinguished himself as a phenomenal director in directing actors. Yuval graduated with flying colors and served as a director of the film unit in the army.Following that he continued to study film in “Minshar” graduating with honor. His student’s comedy film “The Shepsalach”, which he wrote and directed, won numerous prizes, including best film award at Tel Aviv Festival and was widely covered on television and in newspapers. Thanks to a natural affinity to anything humorous and viral, Yuval quickly joined the industry and directed commercials and Music Videos for leading Brands such as Hot, Osem, Pango, Milka Chocolate, Elite and more.

Yuval’s website: www.yuvalnobleman.com


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